Dear Voter,

On the eve of our election, I want to share with you one final time why I’m running for the Monroe County Legislature.  


In more than 30 years of public service, as a teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent, I only thought about serving the people of my community and their children. I’m proud of my record.  As a school superintendent, every budget, every proposition I proposed was approved by the voters. Our team rebuilt East Rochester schools, improved the program and the financial foundation of the district. When I retired in 2010, I thought it was time to let others lead.


Over the last three Republican administrations, I’ve seen what has happened to our county. When the Comptroller tells us Monroe County is the most fiscally-stressed municipality in the state, when taxes keep going up and up, when the current Republican leadership plays hide-and-seek with the truth, I just can’t let that stand. My opponent, Jason Rosenberg, is a self-proclaimed, more of the same. When the Republican led county government has taken more than $135 million extra dollars out of your pocket since 2003, why would anyone want more of the same? And frankly, who can trust a guy running attack ads from an anonymous Facebook account and sending out robocalls intentionally misleading voters? Why would any respectable person do that? Because Jason and the current Republican leadership have everything to lose and everything to hide. They want followers, not leaders.


See, here’s the thing. I stand by my record. I stand by everything I say. I stand by the good work I’ve done for the people of this community. And I’m asking you to trust me again—just as voters did every year I was superintendent—to help lead this county to a brighter future. More transparency. More truth. More accountability. I’ve got the experience, the know-how, and the honesty to be the type of leader you deserve. I hope you’ll vote for me, Howard Maffucci, on November 7. Let’s send a message that we deserve better than “passing the torch” to more of the same.


© 2019 Howard Maffucci for County Legislator

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