Transparency in Budgeting

Leadership and good government are about providing our community the services they need and pay for in a competent, sustainable, and equitable manner. The last 3 years, has been a welcome change from decades of financial mismanagement. Today, we have a fiscally responsible Budget that priortizes our community’s public health and safety, invests in our infrastructure, and ensures our economy can grow, all while minimizing the burden on local taxpayers. It is imperative that we continue to budget in a transparent and responsive fashion.

Promoting Growth

Nursing. Advanced manufacturing. Skilled Trades. These are just a few of the high-demand and emerging fields that Monroe County is supporting with new workforce development initiatives. We must partner these initiatives with expanded investments in infrastructure improvements, such as high-speed broadband and shovel ready sites that ensure we are able to attract new businesses and grow our local businesses.

Investing in our Community

Our children and families deserve a brighter, more sustainable future. Achieving that will require continued advocacy for increased investment in our Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education Services, implementing Monroe County’s Climate Action Plan, and ensuring our public safety and mental health services have the resources necessary to respond to the needs of our community.